Our Approach


Opportunity Identification:

DLB’s global network of world class partners yields consistent and diverse investment opportunities. We apply deep industry knowledge and experience derived from past deals in navigating sector limitations to evaluate new deal prospects. Our main focuses are quality of company management, scalability of the business and sector growth, and we invest where our expertise is valued as much as our investment. 

Deal Structuring:

Once an opportunity has been screened, DLB Capital begins extensive on-site due diligence. We research and evaluate the company, the market and any comparable companies, emphasizing specific financial metrics, to develop a comprehensive outlook. DLB Capital applies proprietary valuation techniques to model future growth and returns, and we create an investment structure that will fuel growth for our portfolio companies and generate the highest returns for our investors.  Lastly, we meet with management to ensure that their interests are in line with those of our investors. 

Transaction Execution:

DLB Capital works alongside the company to define our role in future operations, usually leading to a non-executive chairman role. DLB forms a unique structure, including investments that comply with Islamic Law, to accommodate the investment’s needs and goals, maintaining our investors’ best interests.

Hands-On Managment:

DLB Capital takes a managerial or advisory role based on management’s objectives and needs. We leverage our extensive operating knowledge to correct the company’s inefficiencies and track execution using our position on the Board and close relationship with management. DLB helps navigate through company inflection points, and we provide up-to-date market insights to steer towards a profitable future. Our experience through multiple market cycles and within multiple sectors, most specifically the diverse sub-sectors of financial services, gives us the practical knowledge to deliver growth for our portfolio companies.


Timing is of extreme strategic importance in the structuring of deals, portfolio management and investment exit. DLB Capital takes pride in our history of meeting time table commitments. We continuously monitor comparable companies and evaluate the initial public offering market to most accurately predict the best time for a liquidation event. Proper execution of timing is a serious commitment for DLB Capital in all of our deals and is a large driver of our profitability.


DLB exits its investments depending on market conditions (current and expected) and sustainability of growth. We explore relationships that our team has established to find the optimal exit strategy for a company, be it an IPO, merger or acquisition. Our ultimate goal is to maximize investment returns and ensure new structures continue to facilitate business development.  We have no pre-determined or required holding period. 


Our Approach


DLB Capital works alongside our portfolio companies to define our role in future operations and in investment management