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  1. What is a typical investment size?
    We have been involved in transactions that have ranged in size.  Provided that we are motivated by the characteristics of an opportunity, we are capable of executing investments ranging from $10 million to $200 million.
  2. In what industries does DLB Capital invest in?
    DLB Capital focuses on the financial services sector, but is open to any potential investment in which we can add value and facilitate growth. We strongly believe that current market conditions have created new opportunities and therefore, we remain opportunistic investors and are willing to look at investments in all industries.
  3. When does DLB typically invest in a company?
    DLB has worked at every stage of a company’s lifecycle, from seed to growth. Timing is of extreme strategic importance when entering a deal, and we ensure that there is a high growth potential before investing.
  4. Will DLB ever involve a consortium of investors in a project?
    DLB has frequently involved multiple investors to fund past deals. Each transaction has unique characteristics, and each company has unique needs. DLB partners with strategic investors to add additional value throughout an investment.
  5. How does DLB add value post investment?
    Few are as committed as DLB in fulfilling our role as advisors throughout the lifetime of our involvement with a company. What is most important is that we have the capability to add value to companies we invest in after our investment. In the past, we have been able to provide guidance on a range of issues including technology, strategy, financing and management recruitment. 
  6. Where is DLB's primary geographic focus?
    Currently, our primary focus is on opportunities in the United States, China and the Middle East. The experience of our team and our alliances are valuable assets for delivering growth throughout the world.
  7. How is DLB Capital unique from other investment firms?
    DLB Capital’s experience in deal origination and ability to create unique deal structuring give us an advantage and close relationships throughout the globe facilitate all types of transactions. In the past, our partnerships have proven to help fuel growth in our portfolio companies.  
  8. Is the optimal exit scenario for investments an IPO?
    The usefulness of an IPO as an exit strategy is dependent on market conditions, branding of a company and regulatory constraints. In many cases, alternative exit scenarios have been more profitable and beneficial to the company such as a private sale.
  9. How should I approach DLB with an investment opportunity?
    The best way to approach the DLB team is by personally contacting one of our professionals or by sending an executive summary or investor presentation to


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At DLB, we are opportunistic investors willing to look at investments in all industries throughout the world.  We seek to invest at all stages in a company's lifecycle